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Please contact us to obtain more information on tuition and fees.


***No eligible student will be turned away due to finances.***

Think you can't afford Aquin?

Assistance is Available--almost 100% of our families that apply receive grants!
1. Discount information
     2% tuition discount if all tuition and fees are paid by July 31, 2023
2. Grants
  -Funded by donations:  Colby Smith Memorial, Aquin Open, Guardian Angel.
  -Available for Kindergarten through Grade 8.  
  -Applications are on the website.
  -Family completes FACTS form.
  -There is a $40 fee that must be submitted with the application.
  -Priority date is May 15.
  -School notifies aid recipients in June.
  -Tuition grants are applied to tuition balance in July.
  -Tuition grants are awarded to families who have completed the FACTS application and registration fee for the incoming school year.
 3.Special Arrangements
  -Meet with the Aquin superintendent
  -Consult with parish priest

Click here to complete FACTS form to be considered for Grant Assistance.