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Done Always With God's Spirit



The Aquin Catholic School System is a faith community founded in Christ where all individuals are given the opportunity to develop both their moral character and learning potential.

Aquin Catholic Schools, in agreement with the Bishops of the United States . . . "strive to relate all human culture eventually to the news of salvation, so that the life of faith will illumine the knowledge which the students gradually gain of the world of life, or mankind." (Christian Ed. 8)
Here, therefore, students are instructed in human knowledge and skills, valued indeed for their own worth but seen simultaneously as deriving their most profound significance from God's plan for His creation. Here, too, instruction in religious truth and values is an integral part of the school program. It is perceived and functions as the underlying reality in which the students’ experiences of learning and living achieve their coherence and deepest meaning.

1. To establish a faith-based community that clearly endorses and promotes Catholic morals, theology, and doctrines.
      a) To learn and teach the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.
      b) To witness Christ in our living and learning.
      c) To provide spiritual opportunities that develop and strengthen our faith in Christ.
      d) To nurture a personal relationship with the triune God.
2. To provide a curriculum that challenges everyone to realize their learning potential.
      a) To develop critical thinking skills and self-direction in every person.
      b) To teach a core curriculum that will prepare everyone to be a productive member of society.
      c) To develop individual interests through offerings that foster life-long learning.
3. To instill a sense of self-worth and community.
      a) To positively influence the physical, moral, social, emotional, and cultural development in all members of the faith community.
      b) To establish an environment of open communication that addresses the interests and  needs of each individual.
      c) To motivate positively - always recognizing the good in each person.
      d) To encourage participation in service clubs and extra-curricular activities.


The Office of Catholic Education and the Ordinary of the Diocese of Rockford appoint the Superintendent of the Aquin Catholic Schools. The superintendent is responsible for the overall operation of the Aquin Catholic Schools. The superintendent works in cooperation with the Council of Administration to define the policies, goals, and objectives necessary to attain the educational mission of the Catholic churches of Freeport, Lena, and Shannon. The Council of Administration is composed of the pastors of the Catholic churches of Freeport, Lena, and Shannon. In addition, two lay members from each of the Catholic parishes of Freeport, Lena, and Shannon are members of the Council of Administration. The Council of Administration meets at least four times per year at a date and time announced by the Council.  Meetings of the Council of Administration are open to the members of the Aquin Catholic Schools and the members of the Catholic churches of Freeport, Lena, and Shannon. There is a designated time at the council meetings called Open Forum in which members of the school system and churches may present any concerns for the council’s consideration. All concerns will be sent to an appropriate committee to be reviewed.

Mission of Aquin Catholic Schools

  • The Aquin Catholic School System is a faith community founded in Christ where all individuals are given the opportunity to develop both their moral character and learning potential.  
  • The core group consists of current students, parents, and school personnel.
  • It is our opportunity to support faith development for all, preserve the Aquin traditions, and provide for the education of our current students.


  • We are members of the current Aquin chapter who remain true to the men and women who founded Catholic education in Freeport more than one hundred years ago.
  • We pray for eternal rest for all in the Aquin family who are no longer living - the sisters, priests, lay teachers and parents who were responsible for forming the Aquin heritage.
  • We honor their memory by remaining faithful to their vision and sacrifice.
  • We welcome new members to Aquin by reaching out to students, parents and teachers who have chosen to join us.
  • We do this by welcoming new parents, including them and helping them adjust to a new school family. We host international students and introduce them to the Aquin and American culture.
  • We are committed to service, volunteering numerous hours in promoting the welfare of the school and community.
  • We foster a commitment to service in our children as they design and implement numerous service projects in the community.
  • We do not accept the misperception that some are more important than others-that alumni status, wealth, social position or any other indicator determines the worth of the individual.
  • We recognize that each and every person is a unique and wonderful child of God.
  • We ensure the financial stability of the Catholic schools by honoring tuition commitments, by the Catholic parishes' sacrificial financial contributions, by giving of our time and treasure, by contributing to the Guardian Angel Fund (for tuition assistance) and by honoring family members and others with memorial donations.
  • We are parents who are willing to sacrifice to give our children an education in a faith-filled learning environment.
  • As parents, we accept the primary responsibility for enriching the faith of our children. We do this by modeling a Christian ethic, by respecting the Sabbath, by establishing religious traditions in our homes and by instructing our children in the faith.
  • We are teachers who accept nominal salaries because we are dedicated to guiding the complete natures of our students.
  • We enthusiastically welcome new associates into the warm, professional, and caring atmosphere that defines our schools. We work in partnership with parents who are the primary teachers of their children.
  • We are students who are respectful, energetic and considerate of others as we share some of the most important years of our lives.
  • We eagerly accept new children into our classes. We work to eradicate any signs of exclusion or isolation in our student body. We learn how to resist bullying, to learn from our mistakes, and to speak up against injustice.
  • We are friends, alumni, and donors who remain committed to the Aquin heritage.
  • Anyone with a connection to Aquin, including all who have departed this life, is a member of the Aquin community.
  • We are alumni who eagerly welcome each new graduating class to the Alumni Association knowing that the future will include reunions for them where school memories will be resurrected and enjoyed once more.
  • We acknowledge and treasure the value of the Aquin experience.
  • We continually strive to meet the high standards that have been set for us.
  • We promote the schools in a positive manner, do not engage in negative gossip, care about being accurately informed, and correct others' misperceptions.
  • We do not place our children in an awkward position by criticizing the school.
  • We recover when we falter, forgive when we have been hurt or ignored.
  • We do not hold grudges; we work together and search for solutions.
  • We share Christian love for each other.