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Done Always With God's Spirit

Chris Koester



Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

The Brown-Roa text, WALKING BY FAITH CHRISTIAN MORALITY, will be the focus of study this year. This includes an in-depth study of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Also, two special prayers the students will need to master by May include the Morning Offering and a Traditional Act of Contrition. Students will be taking a written test on these around mid-May.

In order to better facilitate and work for improvement in math skills, our school has adopted the math program and text published by Saxon Publishers. Every lesson in Saxon Math follows the same three-part lesson plan. The first is the Power Up which provides daily reinforcement and building of basic skills and concepts, mental math, and problem solving strategies. The second is the New Concept which works to increase student knowledge. Finally, there is Written Practice which has students review, maintain, and build on concepts and skills previously taught.

Our Harcourt TROPHIES program will be used. Students will read one story per week. Comprehension and vocabulary tests will be every Friday. Students will be working with vocabulary words each week and doing activities in their reading notebooks to aid in understanding these words. Throughout the year, the students will also be enjoying supplemental stories in small books provided with the program. Another requirement is that each student will be required to read 20 minutes per night at home.

The spelling words will be part of our reading series this year. The words will be part of the story they are reading for that week. Pretests will be given every Monday. Those who pass the test with a perfect score will not be required to take the first part of the final test on Friday. However, everyone will need to do the weekly assignments and bonus words on the final test each Friday. Finally, every Monday the students will fill out a spelling list found in their planner that can be used for study during the week.

Daily writing activities include the DOL and Journal. Other writing and language activities are coordinated with our Reading program. Students will be practicing a variety of types of writing.

This year our study will include Plants and Their Uses, Forest Ecosystems, Mountains and Molehills, Currents and Coastlines, Electricity, Light, Sound, and Communication Technologies. Student will also complete a variety of “hands-on” activities with each unit.

Social Studies
The focus of this year's studies will be on the Regions of the United States. Our study will be aided by the McGraw Hill text, REGIONS, ADVENTURES IN TIME AND PLACE. By May the students will be expected to know all the U. S. states and capitals. They will be tested on each region as it is studied and then finally on all 50! Also, because our study this year includes special emphasis on our states, students will be researching a different state each week. At the close of the school year, they will make a book including all fifty states.

Field Trips

  • Going for the Gold at the Y

  • Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

  • Theatrical play at Highland Community College