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Done Always With God's Spirit

Amy Johnson



5th Grade Curriculum
Fifth grade reading includes one book with many different fun-filled stories that include the genres of informational text, nonfiction, photo essay, mystery, biography, folktales, personal narratives, historical fiction and much more. The students will read one story per week and be tested on that story on Friday. We will have a set of vocabulary words that will go with each story and be tested on at the end of each week. These words can be found in the textbook at the beginning of each story. Also, students will be required to read 20 minutes per night at home. Parents are asked to sign the Reading Log sheet at the end of the week, and students are asked to write a complete sentence about what he/she read.
  • Book It through Pizza Hut and Read a Hundred Books and Donate Program through Scholastic Book Club
Our spelling words will be part of our reading series this year. The words will be part of the story they are reading for that week. Pretests will be given on every Monday. Those who pass the pretest with a perfect score will not be required to take the first part of the final test on Friday. However, everyone will need to do the weekly assignments and bonus words on the final test each Friday.
  • participate in a Spelling Bee
This year we will be working on- sentences, sentence parts, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. We will be incorporating writing with their grammar lessons. They will work on how to write a story, summary, personal narrative, paragraphs, research report and much more.
  • Research Fair
The lessons will start out with a Power-Up which includes: a timed test, mental math, and problem solving that we do together as a class. Next, we move on to the New Concept, which introduces them to the next item to be learned. New Concepts include: multiplication, division, place value, money, fractions, missing addends, word problems, time, geometric figures, probability and much more. They will then be assigned the Written Practice part, which will include a lesson record sheet. Each written practice lesson will have previous lesson problems included with the new concept ones. This will help reinforce what was previously learned. Also, any starred questions on a lesson we do together in class before it is assigned for homework. After each fifth lesson there will be a test. All Power-Up work will be done in their blue binders that have been provided for them and each Written Lesson they will use a provided lesson record worksheet.
Fifth grade science will include many themed units, such as, weather, the human body, space, properties of matter, prairie, and forces.
Topics that they will learn throughout the year will be creation, worship, Sacraments, Eucharist, paschal mystery and much more.         
Prayers:  Prayers that need to be memorized this year include; Hail Holy Queen, Queen of Heaven, Angelus, and I Confess. During our morning prayer, at the beginning of the day, we will be saying one of these prayers as practice. I do recommend that you also go over these prayers at home together each day.
  • participate during Mass with petitions, gifts, and servers; missions during Advent and Lent
Social Studies
The focus of this year’s studies will be on the regions of the United States with topics such as, American Culture West & East, Contact & Exploration, Colonization & Conflict, Independence & New Government, Expansion & Change, Slavery & Emancipation, Immigration & Industry, Hopes for Peace & Prosperity and much more. Also, during the school year they will be tested on the states and capitals of the U.S. four times focusing on different areas (identification, spelling, postal abbreviations, and capitals).
  • participate in a Geography Bee
Music, P.E., Art, Keyboarding, Library, and Spanish

Field Trips:  Severson Dells, Bowling at the Four Seasons, and Ag in the Classroom