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Athletic Forms

♦ ImPACT Concussion Testing Information

NOTE:  New IHSA Protocol for Concussion Management will be in place at Aquin for the 2016-17 school year.  When the required components are set, they will be outlined here.  Listed below is the information for 2015-16 as reference.

In 2013, Aquin partnered with Monroe Clinic.  One of the bonuses of this partnership is the ImPACT Concussion Testing Program.  This program uses a computer-generated baseline test which all of our athletes must take.  If an Aquin athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, he or she must pass the 'post-concussion test' administered by a Monroe Clinic Trainer (other criteria may also be established by the trainer or coach) before being allowed back on the field or court.  Baseline tests must be retaken every 2 years.

We were fortunate to incur 'no charge' for the first year of ImPACT.  We now must pay $10 per baseline test. 

ImPACT Concussion Management System

Monroe Clinic Concussion Clinic Program Form

IHSA Performance-Enhancement Testing Information

Heads Up: Concussions in High School Sports

IHSA Concussion Information Sheet


♦ Required Athletic Forms to Complete and Return

IHSA Drug Testing & Concussion Information Consent Form . print page 5 and complete 1 form per Aquin Athlete each year

  • Per IHSA Eligibility Requirements, this completed form must be on file in the Aquin office for each Aquin athlete in grades 9-12. 

IHSA Self-Administer Asthma Medication Form

  • If applicable for your student-athlete, this completed form--with prescribing doctor's signature--must be on file in the Aquin office.

Aquin Auto Insurance Form . print and complete 1 form per Aquin family with athletes in grades 5-8 each year

  • Per Diocesan Eligibility Requirements, this completed form must be on file in the Aquin office for each Aquin family with athletes in grades 5-8. 


♦ Pre-Participation Exams (Sports Physicals)

  • ALL athletes must have a physical on file with the Aquin Business Office 1 week prior to his or her 1st practice. 
  • Students entering Grades 6 and 9 must submit a complete health physical per state requirements.  This physical fulfills the sports physical requirement.  
  • A sports physical DOES NOT fulfill the complete health physical requirement.
  • PPEs offered at Monroe Clinic locations are listed on the Aquin web calendar as they are scheduled.   
  • PPEs offered at FHN are listed on the Aquin web calendar as they are scheduled.
  • Your PPE site should have an appropriate 'PPE Form' to be completed by the physician.  We recommend making a copy of that completed form and then submitting the copy to the Aquin offices.  If you want to take a form to your PPE, you may download the IHSA Sports PPE Form by clicking here


♦ Optional Insurance to Purchase Online

Student Accident Insurance Program

  • Aquin offers supplemental insurance from Guarantee Trust for your child/ren.  This insurance does have separate football coverage for high school only.
  Standard Plan Deluxe Plan
24 Hour Preschool-Grade 12 $125 $275
At-School Protection  
Preschool-Grade 8 $23 $52
Grades 9-12 $46 $105
Football Coverage $162 $369
  • If you are interested, please purchase this coverage online (with Visa or Mastercard) by clicking here and then following the directions by choosing 'Illinois' and 'Freeport Catholic Schools'.  

Aquin does require that any student participating in extra-curricular activity
during the school year 
be covered by some medical insurance plan.