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Done Always With God's Spirit

Dwight Garnhart Photos
Dwight was a Freelance Photographer in the Freeport area and captured many Weddings, Events, Celebrations & Scenes around Town.  He took pictures for the FHS Polaris & Reet Sheet as well as for the Freeport Journal Standard in the 40's & 50's and covered the Sports Scene for many years.  Dwight's family has assembled a collection of Dwight's photographs taken between 1935 & 2000.

The collection is just starting, so go back often to see what has been added.  The photos shown are proofs only.  Reprints will be made from high resolution images.  Photos that have WG in the photo number or a digital photo number were taken by Wendell Garnhart.  The first 2 digits of the photo number is the year the photo was taken.

For more information or to purchase Dwight's photographs click here or contact Wendell Garnhart
at 763-425-9087 or 

Aquin Galleries (click on the title to scroll the pictures in each gallery)

1.  Baseball and 'FACES'

2.  Basketball

3.  Football

4.  Class Reunions