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Concussion Safety

NOTE:  New IHSA Protocol for Concussion Management will be in place at Aquin for the 2016-17 school year.  When the required components are set, they will be outlined here.  Listed below is the information for 2015-16 as reference.


♦ ImPACT Concussion Testing Information

In 2013, Aquin partnered with Monroe Clinic.  One of the bonuses of this partnership is the ImPACT Concussion Testing Program.  This program uses a computer-generated baseline test which all of our athletes must take.  If an Aquin athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, he or she must pass the 'post-concussion test' administered by a Monroe Clinic Trainer (other criteria may also be established by the trainer or coach) before being allowed back on the field or court.  Baseline tests must be retaken every 2 years.

We were fortunate to incur 'no charge' for the first year of ImPACT.  We now must pay $10 per baseline test.  

ImPACT Concussion Management System

Monroe Clinic Concussion Clinic Program Form

IHSA Performance-Enhancement Testing Information

Heads Up: Concussions in High School Sports

IHSA Concussion Information Sheet