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Done Always With God's Spirit

Survival Guide


Whether you're a new student, an international student, or an Aquin student who has always wondered what's coming next, you'll find this list very handy.  If you're new to Aquin, you'll want to bookmark this page.

We've compiled just some of the things you'll need to know to guide you through your 1st year at Aquin High School.  We're going to update this throughout the year, so keep checking back.  If you have a question about something not covered on this page, email for an answer and then the information will be added to the page--because if you're wondering, we're sure you're not alone!


Attendance at the games is highly recommended to help you get to know the student body.

  • Football (boys)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Golf (boys and girls)
  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Baseball (boys)
  • Softball (girls)


Saturday before school begins in August . For Adults Only . 5:30–8:00pm


Third Saturday in August . 8:00am-1:00pm


Date Varies by Year . 6:30pm

Parents and students visit the school to see the classrooms and meet the teachers.  There will be a short presentation by the administration and then you will visit any classrooms you want.


Dates and activities vary by year.  Past years have had hog roasts, walk-a-thons, tourneys, etc.  Participation by all families is highly encouraged as all funds help keep tuition as low as possible by offsetting expenses.


Date Varies by Year, but usually late September or early October.

  • Parade . Sunday of Homecoming Week . 3:00pm.  The Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned in the gymnasium and an ice cream social will follow in the high school cafeteria.
  • Spirit Week . Each school day during Homecoming Week, the entire student body will be allowed to wear something different (pajamas, work-out clothes, jeans, wacky day) to promote school unity and spirit.  Classes will compete for the Homecoming Spirit award with points being earned through participation in these days.
  • Pep Assembly . There will be a pep assembly on Friday of Homecoming Week.  Students have a shortened school day by about 10 minutes per class.  At the end of the day all students go to the gymnasium for a pep assembly to encourage the players for the Friday Night Football game.
  • Football Game . The Homecoming game brings many graduates and community members to visit Aquin and enjoy the football game.
  • Homecoming Dance . On Saturday of Homecoming Week, there will be a dance in the auditorium for 9th-12th grade students.  There is a dress-code and admission fee for the dance. If you want to bring a 'non-Aquin' student as a date, you must get prior permission from administration.  Go to the student office for the appropriate information.

Grades are maintained at  Each family is assigned a log-in and password to access their respective student accounts.  Tests are taken at the end of each quarter and added to the grades for that quarter.

There will be 3 days of semester tests for all subjects.  1st Semester Finals will be held prior to Christmas Break, even though the semester won't end until early January.  2nd Semester Finals will be held during the last week of school and cover material from the entire school year.


Students do not have to have a date to attend.  The dance is a good time to socialize and enjoy time with friends.  It is not mandatory to attend the Homecoming dance, but strongly suggested.


Junior and Senior students attend Prom, which is held the first Friday in May.  Aquin has a unique tradition of 'drawing' for their date.  All of the boys' names are in 1 barrel, and all of the girls' names are in another barrel.  The boys' names are drawn to select the order in which the boys will draw the name of the girl they will take to Prom.  As there needs to be enough boys to match with girls, students from the sophomore class may be included by the school.  Although, there are times when a boy or a girl will have 2 dates if a balance cannot be established.


The Prom Draw tradition has grown to be as exciting as the Prom itself.

Girls:  Girls form groups prior to the prom draw to decide how they are going to dress for the prom draw. It is customary for girls to design a brown paper grocery bag to disguise themselves.  It is fun and adds to the suspense.  The girls gather in the cafeteria where only parents and family members can watch the prom draw.  It is customary for the girls to prepare a gift bag for the boy who will draw her name.  The gift is presented when the boy asks her to prom.

Guys:   The guys also form groups and prepare skits to perform prior to asking their girl to Prom.  They complete 'dance cards' with 5 guys' (usually their friends) names.  These 5 will dance one dance at Prom with his date.

On the day of the Draw, the guys meet in the library and draw the name of the girl who will be his date for Prom.  

Things for all Prom attendees to do:

  • Order flowers
  • Pay for transportation (usually junior boys and senior boys each secure one large vehicle to transport them to Pre-Prom pictures, dinner and then to Aquin).  All attendees divide the cost evenly.
  • Pay for catered dinner which all Prom attendees enjoy together
  • Pay for professional pictures taken at Aquin before the Grand March
  • Prom couple processional (grand march) announced in the auditorium
  • Prom Dance
  • Post Prom--attendees cannot return once they leave the building and have to have permission to leave before the end of the event--usually at 3:00am

Mandatory for International students and NHS students


Community service group who sponsors various events including: 

Ice cream social at Homecoming
Food pantry drive at Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving baskets for the needy
Toy drive at Christmas
Candy-grams on Valentine’s Day
Fashion show at Liberty Village in May


Drug and Alcohol Awareness Group
Provides service to students, parents, faculty and our community to overcome alcohol and drug difficulties


Pro-Life Advocates Willing to Stand

Attend prayer services for Life
Sponsor Stephenson County Life Chain in October
Cemetery of the Unborn on Aquin's campus


Students compete in academic events with teams from other schools from January-February


Students compete with prepared speeches and dramatic presentations.  All schools in the Aquin  conference participate.  Students perform in front of judges and are scored for their performance.