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Done Always With God's Spirit

This safety education program is now offered online.  Completion of this program is required of all Aquin employees and volunteers for the safety of our students.  

If you have not attended a Protecting God's Children awareness session, you will need to complete the course online by following the steps detailed below. Completion of the entire program will take about 1 hour, and you can stop whenever you need to and return to the same place in your training. 

There are 3 steps necessary to complete the online training.  

  • Step 1:  Click here for the Diocesan instructions on the program.  

  • Step 2:  Click the link following #4 of the Diocesan instructions click the link in the green box labeled 'First Time Registrants'.  

  • Step 3:  Print the certificate of completion and submit to either Aquin office.

Please visit the VIRTUS website frequently. New risk management information is added each week, with an emphasis on articles and interactive features designed to increase the public awareness about child sexual abuse, and to provide adults with the knowledge and tools they need to help prevent and, if necessary, to respond appropriately to child sexual abuse.‚Äč

Code of Pastoral Conduct

Priests, deacons, candidates for ordination, religious, pastoral ministers, employees, and volunteers in our parishes, religious communities/institutes, and organizations must uphold Christian values and conduct.  

If you fall into one of these categories, you must read the document linked below.

Please click here to access the document.

Print acknowledgement form, sign acknowledgment form (last page of document) and return to school office as soon as possible.