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Done Always With God's Spirit

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Trale Bardell . Class of 2001
I'm back from my latest adventure, and thought that a word and a few pics might bring a smile to some of you there:

My motorcycle trip to Argentina was a wonderful journey and probably almost as educational as the few years I spent there at Aquin. There are of course many stories, but I suppose the most important themes of the trip would be first the affirming experiences I had out on the road, and the actual accomplishment of physically making the trip and with favorable conditions being able to reach the summit of Aconcagua.

There are a few pictures included with the playoffs '00 shirt; unfortunately the shirt was burned somewhere along the way but I felt that its significance was not lost, so I carried it to the top of the "hill" for a commemorating picture.

With best regards,


the Summit of Aconcagua
Caribbean Sea
Central Mexico
Crossing into Peru
Relaxing in Peru
Tropic of Cancer in Mexico

Where else have our 'Dawgs' gone? 
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