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Done Always With God's Spirit

Tablet Implementation . Spring 2012

Aquin Technology Vision Statement

We WILL prepare our students to be effective contributors in the digital age.  

Spring 2012

7th Grade Tablet Implementation

  • Issued 13 school-owned tablets and 8 privately-owned tablets to 7th grade students
  • Class web page
    • daily assignments and links
  • Daily bell work
  • Daily assignments
    • research information
    • worksheets/answer questions/note taking
  • Tests
  • Quiz your brain (flashcards)
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary
    • vocabulary
    • spelling help
  • Plans for next year
    • ​Video Book Reviews
    • Author research/presentations
    • Online tutorials for grammar
    • Read short stories online
    • More student-produced presentations

1st Grade Tablet Implementation

  • 17 Classroom Tablets Always Charging at Tablet Table
  • Began Implementation after Spring Break
  • 1st Week: worked with small groups of students teaching them how to care for and to use the tablets, then exploration on their own.
  • 2 new apps are introduced every week and used by small groups during station time.  Parents are informed of these apps as well so they can download and use them at home.
  • A variety of apps are used to practice skills every Wednesday with 6th grade buddies.
  • Sample lesson: groups of students used 1st grade verb flashcards on a flashcard app to play charades.
  • Plans for next year
    • Use online programs and apps as assessments and record students' scores.
    • Use the tablets for more whole-group learning.