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Tablet Implementation . 1.27.12

January 27, 2012 . Happy Catholic Schools Week!

We are happy to announce the next step in the Aquin Technology Plan.  The Tech Committee has been working very hard to determine the best solution for our students.  With the best interests of our students as the basis for all our decisions, we are very excited to implement use of Android tablets in our 1st and 7th grade classrooms.  More classrooms will join this movement in the Fall of 2012-13.  

The use of these tools in our classrooms will enhance the daily learning environment for our students.  All of our teachers have been offered an opportunity to purchase their own tablets at a school-subsidized price so they may develop lesson plans and activities utilizing them on a daily basis in their classrooms.  

We are also offering these tablets to you, our Aquin families, at a bulk price rate.  Retail value is $200.  If you purchase these tablets through Aquin, you will pay $125.  The 7” tablets have a front-facing web camera and operate on the newest 4.0 android platform.

If you already have an Android tablet--and you will allow your student to bring it to school--we would like to know that for our planning purposes.  We are currently updating our policies to accommodate situations that may arise.  Following is a break-down of our current thoughts.  We need your input, so please complete the survey/order form linked here.

More information will be coming--especially to our pilot classrooms--1st and 7th grades.  But for now, please complete the form and review all of the information.  We are very excited and we hope you are, too!  

3 Student Tablet Options for 1st and 7th Grade Students (2011-12):

  1. School Owned Tablet with Family Purchase of School Insurance:  
    -$20 Insurance Fee for partial year (available for the remainder of 2011-12)
    -$40 Insurance Fee for the entire school year (effective 2012-13)
    -tablet is school property and is returned at end of school year
    -tablet stays at school in 1st grade, tablet may go home with student in 7th grade
    -school does maintenance on tablet
    -if tablet is lost or damaged, it will be replaced by the school
  2. School Owned Table with No School Insurance:
    -if student damages or loses tablet, family is responsible for replacement cost
    -tablet stays at school for 1st and 7th grade students
  3. Buy Your Own, Family Purchases Tablet:
    -it’s yours, you do your own maintenance, you keep it over the summer
    -you replace it if it gets lost or broken
    -your student takes it back and forth to school as needed