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Done Always With God's Spirit

Tablet Implementation . February 2012

Phase 1:  BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) . beginning 2.7.12

As Aquin prepares for tablets in classrooms, teachers have been encouraged to see how electronic devices can be integrated in their classrooms.  Here, 5th and 8th grade students take their test using the 'Socrative' App.  Students can access this app using ipods, ipads, tablets and laptops.  Those who don't have an electronic device can take the same test on paper.

Phase 2:  Tablets in Grades 1 and 7 . tba

We are very excited about the anticipated implemention of Android tablets in our 1st and 7th grade classrooms. Phase 2 will begin as soon as our first shipment of tablets arrives. Click here to view the 'Aquin Standard' tablet.

Phase 3:  Tablets in All Classrooms . tba

We are hopefull that in the Fall of 2012-13, we will see implementation of tablets in all grades.