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Done Always With God's Spirit

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Group Contact
Anderson, Fr. Kenneth Senior Religion Staff
Blasing, Korissa HS Volleyball Coach Coaches
Bolger, Fr. Mike Vice Principal . Religion Senior High Faculty, Staff
Broge, Nicole 6th Grade Junior High Faculty
Carlson, Dawn 1st Grade Elementary Faculty
Chang, Joanne Alumni Relations Staff
DeMichele, Dominic 6-7th Science and History . 8th Comp and Lit Junior High Faculty
Diemer, Laura Director of Communications . High School Art Senior High Faculty, Staff
Dohm, Tracie Science . Math . Scholastic Bowl Coach Coaches, Senior High Faculty
Donselman, Deb Beltline Cafe Staff
Flynn, Barbara Jr High Religion . Jr High Art . Dean Grades 7-9 Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty, Staff
Freidhof, Leonard Science Senior High Faculty
Gabel, Dale History . Dean Grades 10-12 Senior High Faculty
Gaulrapp, Karrie St. Joseph Campus Secretary Staff
Grenoble, Roger Maintenance Staff 815.235.3154 x 231
Hawkinson, Dave Assistant to the Superintendent Staff 815-235-3154 x 224
Heimerdinger, Tia Spanish Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty
Heitkamp, Elizabeth Superintendent Staff 815-235-3154
Hotchkiss, Steve Theatre Director Senior High Faculty
Jarrard-Lameyer, Dana English . Speech Senior High Faculty
Jazo, Sylvia Spanish St. Joe's Specialties
Johnson, Amy 5th Grade . SchoolSpeak Tech Support Elementary Faculty
Koester, Chris 4th Grade Elementary Faculty
Kramer, Todd Physical Education . HS Baseball Coach . Senior High Athletic Director Coaches, Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty
Kuligoski, Joe Science Senior High Faculty
Kundert, Broc HS Football Coach Coaches
Manson, Christine Health Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty
McIntyre, Kathleen Librarian Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty, Staff
Morhardt, Katie 3rd Grade Elementary Faculty
Morrison, Michele Computers . ALEKS Math . Tech Support Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty, Staff
Pospischil, Bill Elementary Physical Education . Golf Coach Coaches, St. Joe's Specialties
Pospischil, Mary 2nd Grade Elementary Faculty
Reining, Doral Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Coaches
Sauer, Sue Math Senior High Faculty
Scace, Carl Tech Support Staff
Schoenhard, Peg Business Office Secretary Staff
Shippy, Mike Maintenance Staff
Spotts-Manthey, Heidi Music Elementary Faculty, Junior High Faculty, Senior High Faculty, St. Joe's Specialties
Stovall, Steve Junior High Athletic Director Staff
Sutton, Kim High School Student Office Staff
Veitch, Michelle Kindergarten . Extended Care Early Childhood Faculty
Weik, Matt Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Staff
Wenzel, Claudia Preschool Early Childhood Faculty
White, Bonnie Preschool Early Childhood Faculty
Zawacki, Susan Business Office Staff