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Random Acts of Kindness . Pay it Forward

Were you the recipient of a 'Random Act of Kindness'? 

.  MAY 1 . 
You may be the recipient of a time-honored May Day tradition today.  
Traditionally, 'May Day' baskets are small baskets filled with flowers or treats and left at someone's doorstep.
The giver rings the bell and runs away. 
Hundreds of 'May Day' baskets will be scattered throughout the community today.  
Hope one of these 'Random Acts of Kindness' comes your way!  
(tell us about it below if you did)

Did you 'Pay it Forward'?

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free help
anonymous 05/13/2015 12:48 PM CST

After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, I volunteered to help with clean-up. I stayed with a woman there, Patricia Dresch, who lost her daughter, husband and home during the storm. She herself was washed out to sea and back and was injured in the process. Pat teaches Sunday school at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Staten Island; the parish was housing us both. I witnessed so many kind acts towards her. Strangers sent donations of money, new clothing, housewares and other thnigs needed to start a new home. As an alum of Aquin, I wanted to share this story with my community and say that I am grateful every day for all that I have.