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Done Always With God's Spirit

Random Acts of Kindness . Pay it Forward

Were you the recipient of a 'Random Act of Kindness'? 

.  MAY 1 . 
You may be the recipient of a time-honored May Day tradition today.  
Traditionally, 'May Day' baskets are small baskets filled with flowers or treats and left at someone's doorstep.
The giver rings the bell and runs away. 
Hundreds of 'May Day' baskets will be scattered throughout the community today.  
Hope one of these 'Random Acts of Kindness' comes your way!  
(tell us about it below if you did)

Did you 'Pay it Forward'?

Click on 'New Post' below and enter your comments about your 'May Day' experience, or about how you 'Paid it Forward'.  
If you don't want to leave your name, please enter 'anonymous'.  
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Thank you!

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How I paid it forward
By: anonymous
Created On: 07/13/2015
Last Modified On: 08/31/2022
Thank you, this is a very nice idea. I planted summer flower pots for a neighbor who couldn't because of cancer.
free help
By: anonymous
Created On: 05/13/2015
Last Modified On: 05/23/2018
After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, I volunteered to help with clean-up. I stayed with a woman there, Patricia Dresch, who lost her daughter, husband and home during the storm. She herself... read more
By: Anonymous
Created On: 05/08/2015
Last Modified On: 05/08/2015
After receiving the candy bag, I knitted a prayer shawl and sent it to a friend who is going thru a very difficult time.  She doesn't live in Freeport but the need for kindness exist very whe... read more
Random Acts of Kindness
By: anonymous
Created On: 05/07/2015
Last Modified On: 04/16/2022
We received a surprise of candies (mmmm- Reese's) our front porch on May first.  Before I went to your web page, I thought, "Oh, this must be like the May baskets we used to make an... read more
Thank you
By: Anonymous
Created On: 05/03/2015
Last Modified On: 05/03/2015
Got your pleasant surprise.  I baked some of my homemade cookies for a group that wasn't expecting them.  Thanks again, glad you're in the community.
Pay It Forward
By: anonymous
Created On: 04/29/2015
Last Modified On: 05/07/2019
What a great project.  We all need to look for ways to be kinder.