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Done Always With God's Spirit

Prom Press 2017

Aquin Prom Press

In 2017, Aquin's beloved 'Prom Draw' exploded on social media which picked up national media attention.  We have chronicled the media captures here and list them in chronological order.  Many thanks to Alex Marck, Aquin Class of 2013, who was able to use his technological genius to capture the NBC News stories for us to preserve for the Aquin Archives! 
PS--Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for a news story about Prom from 2009, long before 'social media' governed the airwaves.  That story was produced by Suzanne Richter, Aquin Class of 1980.  


2017 Prom Draw Press Links and Aquin's Response . 3.20.17

2017 Prom Draw on 'The Today Show' and More . 3.21.17

Dana & Jayson Morning Show FM 94.9 San Diego . 4.5.17

Listen to Javi and Sedona as they are interviewed by the Morning Crew in San Diego.  Dana & Jayson can't believe their ears and conclude that Aquin must be 'utopia'!


NBC News Prom Broadcast . Updates 1-3 . 5.11-17.17

'Inspiring America' and WREX-13 Preview . 5.17.17

Reaction to 'Inspiring America' on NBC Nightly News . 5.18.17