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Done Always With God's Spirit

Junior and Senior students attend Prom, which is held the first Friday in May.  Aquin has a unique tradition of 'drawing' for their date that goes back to the 1920s when the school wanted to make sure that the many orphans who attended the school would have the opportunity to go to the dance.  Today, the students vote whether or not they want to continue the tradition of 'Prom Draw'.  Each year they unanimously vote to continue the tradition.
All of the boys' names are in one barrel, and all of the girls' names are in another barrel.  The boys' names are drawn to select the order in which the boys will draw the name of the girl they will take to Prom.  As there needs to be enough boys to match with girls, students from the sophomore class may be included with permission of the students' parents.  Although, there are times when a boy or a girl will have 2 dates if a balance cannot be established.
The Prom Draw tradition has grown to be as exciting as the Prom itself. 
Girls:  Girls form groups prior to the prom draw to decide how they are going to dress for the prom draw. It is customary for girls to design a brown paper grocery bag to disguise themselves.  It is fun and adds to the suspense.  The girls gather in the gymnasium where parents and family members can watch the prom draw.  It is customary for the girls to prepare a gift bag for the boy who will draw her name.  The gift is presented when the boy asks her to prom.
Guys:   The guys also form groups and prepare skits to perform prior to asking their girl to Prom.  They complete 'dance cards' with 5 guys' (usually their friends) names.  These 5 will dance one dance at Prom with his date.  On the day of the Draw, the guys meet in the library and draw the name of the girl who will be his date for Prom. 
Things for all Prom attendees to do:
  • Order flowers
  • Pay for transportation (usually junior boys and senior boys each secure one large vehicle to transport them to Pre-Prom pictures, dinner and then to Aquin).  All attendees divide the cost evenly.
  • Pay for catered dinner which all Prom attendees enjoy together
  • Pay for professional pictures taken at Aquin before the Grand March
  • Prom couple processional (grand march) announced in the auditorium
  • Prom Dance
  • Post Prom--attendees cannot return once they leave the building and have to have permission to leave before the end of the event--usually at 3:00am

'Prom Draw' makes the news &  nominated for an EMMY!! 
Thanks to Suzanne Richter (class of 1980) on a tremendous job of explaining this unique Aquin tradition! 
Click here to view the entire story on WMAQ, NBC 5 Chicago.

10.2.09  .  Congratulations to Suzanne and her production crew on being nominated for an Emmy by the Chicago/Midwest Chapter National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  The nomination was in Category #5-i. Outstanding Achievement within a Regularly Scheduled News Program Specialty Report/SeriesFamily/Children's Issues.