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Done Always With God's Spirit

Aquin PAWS . Pro-Life Advocates Willing to Stand
Our purpose is to support all life from conception to natural death.  We attempt to do this through prayer, and  bringing awareness and education to students, staff and community on life issues.

Specifically we have sponsored prolife speakers, erected a cemetery of the unborn, designed and sold t-shirts, attended prayer services for life at the court house, attended the March for Life in Washington, DC, sponsored Stephenson County Life Chain, encouraged people to participate in the spiritual adoption of an unborn child, etc.



Haiti Birthing Center Project

Haiti Birthing Center Project
Seventy-four out of one thousand infants in Haiti die due to the unsterile conditions.  Even more women die. 

After listening to information like this in a presentation by Mrs. Cathy Finch 4 years ago, Aquin PAWS students organized a collection campaign of items for birthing kits that will go to the new birthing center in Haiti.  The students have begun their 4th drive for birthing kits. 

Aquin PAWS would like to thank everyone who donated in any way to our Haiti Birthing Kit projects in the past. A special thanks to the ladies who did so much sewing.  You are all amazing! 

If you have any questions, please contact or call 815.235.3154 x 230. 

Birthing Kit Items

  • 1/4" twill tape for cord ties--16" per kit.  This is sold on spools.  We probably need only 4-5 spools.
  • single-edged razor blade for cord cutting.  Must be new and safely wrapped.  (Students are not to bring these to school)
  • snack-size ziploc baggie to keep the cord tie and razor blades clean
  • 2 gallon-size ziploc baggie to put everything else in
  • regular size bath towels--the thinner the better because thinner dries faster.  These can be 'used'.  They can often be found at Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • wash cloth (thin).   These can be 'used'.  They can often be found at Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • 36" square piece of sheeting or muslin used to wrap and bury placentas.  These can be used bed sheets.  Any color is fine.  Stained is fine.
  • bath size bar of Ivory soap
  • small size (travel or sample size) germicidal hand wash
  • newborn stocking caps--not a heavy knit.  Jersey is best, can be used.  We also have volunteers willing to sew them if someone wants to donate the material.  Again--Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  • newborn cotton blend/flannel shirts.  Can be used.  Onesies will work--we will cut the bottoms off.
  • receiving blankets--lightweight.  If someone wants to buy material to make them, volunteers are willing to hem them.
  • plastic/latex gloves--type used in hospitals.  We need 100 total.  
  • money to help cover the cost of shipping