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Done Always With God's Spirit

CSW 2014




“Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service” is the theme set by NCEA, the National Catholic Education Association.  We will be celebrating the Aquin community throughout the week through dress-up days, All-System Mass and ‘Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day’.  

Special Dress Days (Service and Knowledge)
The dress-up days are all named for children’s books in celebration of ‘National Literacy Day’ which is Monday, January 27.

  • Monday--February 3 . Goodnight Moon . Pajama Day
    • Student Board Rules:  ​​Sweatpants, slippers, robes, pajamas and crew neck shirts are ok.  NO flip flops or jeans.
    • Donation:  at least 1 new or gently-used book
  • Tuesday--February 4 . Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? . Team Jersey Day
    • ​Student Board Rules:  Must be a Team Jersey.  Jeans ok.
    • Donation: at least 1 non-perishable food item
  • Wednesday--February 5 . The Secret Life of Walter Kitty . Superhero Day &/or Jean Day at High School Campus
    • ​Student Board Rules:  Costumes are ok.  Must be MODEST.  No jeans or masks.
    • Donation:  at least 1 new or gently-used book for Super Hero, $3 for Jean Day at High School--or both!
  • Thursday . The Magic Treehouse . Favorite Book Character Day
    • ​​Student Board Rules:  Costumes are ok.  Must be MODEST.  Jeans ok if appropriate to character.  No masks or distracting props.
    • Donation:  at least 1 non-perishable food item
  • Friday . The Rainbow Fish . Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day
    • ​​Normal Dress-Up Day attire.  No donation necessary.

We will bring together our community in service through donations the students will bring to earn the privilege of the special dress days.  

  • Monday and Wednesday:  special dress privileges will be earned by donating a new or gently-used book to VOICES for their annual Book Sale.  Each student will donate 1 book each day to earn the special dress privilege.
  • Tuesday and Thursday:  special dress privileges will be earned by donating at least 1 non-perishable item to FACC to help stock the shelves for those in need in our community.  Each student will donate 1 item each day to earn the special dress privilege.

Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day (Faith, Knowledge, Service)

  • On Friday, we will begin the day together at St. Joseph Church at 9:15am for the All-System Mass.  Junior-Senior High students will have a late start on this day and must be at the church at 9:00am.  This Mass will also include the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  Following the Mass, students will then gather at the High School for the much-anticipated Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day. 

Friday . January 31 . Dodgeball Tourney--on Friday during the day!

  • The Dodgeball Tourney on Wednesday night will be held during the day on Friday. Lunches at St. Joe's will follow the original lunch order schedule. Friday's lunch at St. Joe's will be served on Friday at the High School during Big Dawg/Little Dawg Day.