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Done Always With God's Spirit

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14th Annual Colby Smith Memorial 4 Mile Classic
Virtual Run Week : August 21-28, 2021
In-Person Run Day : August 28, 2021

The Colby Smith Memorial 4 Mile Classic is part of the Rockford Road Runners' Circuit.


About Colby Smith

The Colby Smith Memorial 4 Mile Classic is a tribute to Colby Smith, a 1989 graduate of Aquin Catholic High School and a proud Bulldog. While at Aquin, Colby participated in football, wrestling and track, as an adult he competed in local runs, completing three marathons.
Colby valued the education he received while attending Aquin Catholic Schools. He believed Aquin successfully prepared him for college and adulthood. He also felt that because the Aquin community was so close-knit, it gave more students the opportunity to be involved in sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities.
Colby went on to become a civil engineer and licensed pilot who owned a Freeport-based engineering firm. Proud to be raising his family in Freeport, he was always active in the community, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the Aquin school board and Saint Mary’s Church.
Colby came from a family of Aquin graduates, Colby and Jennifer’s children, Colby John, Sedona, and Chloe, are the fourth generation of Smith students to attend Aquin Catholic Schools. The money raised at the Colby Smith Memorial 4 Mile Classic will be used to establish the 'Colby Smith Scholarship' which will enable more students to become Bulldogs.
Thank you for participating and for helping ensure that these schools will continue to be strong educational institutions for future generations.


Tim and Mida Smith
Race Coordinators
Laura Diemer
Director of Communications
Aquin Catholic Schools
1419 South Galena
Freeport, IL  61032
815.235.3154 x 226