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Done Always With God's Spirit

Becca's Closet

"Little things can make a big difference . . . "
                                -Rebecca Kirtman

The first Becca’s Closet was created by Rebecca Kitman, a 16 year old Florida high school sophomore. Becca recognized that there were many girls in her community who were unable to attend their high school proms and homecomings because they could not afford to purchase formalwear for the dances. She launched a dress drive to provide prom dresses and accessories free of charge so that no girl would have to miss these special events. Becca was tragically killed in an automobile accident shortly after starting her “closet.” Her friends and family continued her mission by forming a national “Becca’s Closet” program, with 90 chapters to date. Rockford is the only city in the state of Illinois with an active Becca’s Closet chapter.
                                                            (excerpt from the Rockford Chapter of Becca's Closet's webpage)


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