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Candy-Gram Orders Due!

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Date: February 12, 2019

Treat your favorite Aquin student, their favorite ‘Big Dawg’ or ‘Little Dawg’, your favorite teacher or favorite staff person (we all love treats!) or everyone's #1 Super Fan Brad Sloan!
Simply send $1.00 to school for each candy-gram you wish to order, who the valentine goes to (their grade if applicable), and who it is from. We will then complete a Bulldog Valentine for you. Please put the information and the money in an envelope clearly marked “Candy Grams”. Orders are due February 12.
Your tasty wishes will be delivered during the school day with a full-size candy bar on Thursday, February 14.
All proceeds from the sales go to Mike Frank, Aquin class of 1992. Mike suffered a massive stroke in June, 2007 and continues to have severe health problems. Aquin has held numerous fundraisers for him to help offset ongoing medical expenses.
The Franks are so grateful for the continued support they receive from the Aquin family.
Please continue to pray for the Mike and his family.