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Done Always With God's Spirit

Connie Gogel


    Expectations and Rules

  1. Keep the library quiet and free from distractions.

  2. Always be engaged in some intellectual activity.
    Staying awake and involved at a task you set for yourself insures that the time you spend in here is not wasted.

  3. Respect the library environment. 
    Stay seated in your assigned seat with your feet on the floor. Do not move furniture around or use materials in ways other than for what they were intended.

  4. Stayed focused on your goal for the period of time that you are in the library.
    You should be involved in your own activity, not watching what others are doing.

  5. Come prepared to use your time wisely.
    Do not ask to leave the library for materials which you have forgotten. Organization frees your mind for intellectual activities.

  6. Computers/tablets are to be used as tools for learning. 
    Do not use materials merely to waste time or entertain yourself. DO NOT play games.

  7. Do not use profanity or inappropriate language.
    Also includes “retard”, “retarded” and “gay”.

  8. Do not go behind by desk or into the back office.

  9. All school rules which are listed in the planner apply to your time in the library/study hall.
    The planner is on the website.

Someone must enforce and interpret these rules. That someone is the librarian/supervisor.

Please do not argue or ask to be an exception. Putting your own twist on the rules leads to anger on both sides.

The librarian/supervisor has the right to:

  • Stop an activity.
  • Assign an activity.
  • Take away privileges.
  • Remove you from the library/study hall.


  • There will be zero tolerance for students who disregard the library and/or school rules. If a student chooses to disregard the rules, a detention shall be assigned.
  • Students who disregard rule # 8 regarding the use of profanity will have the option of paying a $.25 fine or serving a detention. The fines will double to $.50 during Advent and Lent. Any money collected will be given to a charitable organization.
  • These rules and consequences will be posted in the library and on Aquin's website.
  • 4th Hour study hall students are allowed to bring a healthy snack that can be consumed in the first 5 minutes of the class period.