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The items are coming in and you can preview them here.  If you aren't attending Extravaganza on April 5, but want to bid on a package, please contact us if you want us to have a 'secret bidder' secure your item on Auction night!  Email or call 815-235-3154 x 226.

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Photo Item Value Donor Category Post Date
Monetary Donation $100.00 Anderson, Barry & Kay General 4/16/14
S70 Yellow Creek Inn $20.00 Yellow Creek Inn General 4/1/14
View Item L1 Seaside Everyday! $250.00 Floor to Ceiling Store Live 3/26/14
View Item L10 A Wonderful Ladies Day Out! $515.00 Midwest Community Bank, Newell Rubbermaid Live 3/29/14
View Item L11 Capture the Soul $400.00 Kurt Koester Studios Live 3/20/14
View Item L12 Backyard Luau $575.00 Ege, Jeff and Diane Live 3/19/14
View Item L13 Feel the Softness Under Your Feet $299.00 Boss One Carpet Live 3/19/14
View Item L14 Elegant Dining at the Holder Home Priceless Holder, Adam & Jen Live 3/19/14
View Item L15 Take Mom out to the Ball Game! $300.00 Behr Iron & Steel and Roger Little, Carter, John Live 3/29/14
View Item L16 Bruno Mars Under the Stars $1,000.00 Lumber-Jack Builders, LLC, Mahoney and Hauser Ltd. Live 3/19/14
View Item L17 Drink Tray - Rum Punch $150.00 Arndt, Jesse & Alise, Holder, Adam & Jen, Theisen, Dr. Paul & Dr. Tara Live 3/29/14
View Item L18 More Summer Fun on the Pontoon Porch! $800.00 Ladies' Luncheon Live 3/19/14
View Item L19 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' Pool Party $300.00 Avampato, John & Judy, Awender, Dr. Erich & Dr. Carolyn, Gustafson, Andrew & Tracey Live 3/25/14
View Item L2 Saturday Night at Wrigley $419.00 Behr Iron & Steel and Roger Little Live 3/19/14
View Item L20 Whodunnit? $500.00 J.H. Barkau and Sons, Barkau Automotive Live 3/20/14
View Item L21 The Ultimate Spa Package and Getaway $700.00 Clover on Main, Ladies' Luncheon, Walker Mortuary Live 3/29/14
View Item L22 Bulls Eye - Chicago Style $620.00 Richter, Carole & Guest of Live 3/19/14
View Item L23 Need a Website? $599.00 Dynamic Internet Solutions Live 2/23/14
View Item L24 Go Cubs Go! $350.00 Phil's Fresh Eggs Live 3/20/14
View Item L25 Hold the Power in your Hand $500.00 M45 Marketing Services Live 3/19/14
L26 Phillies at Cubs $300.00 Chesney, Steve & Beverly Live 4/5/14
View Item L3 Drink Tray - Raspberry Lemon Drop Martinis Priceless Ladies' Luncheon Live 3/19/14
View Item L4 A Tour for your Tastebuds $400.00 Chiroworks, Hulsebus Gehlsen Chiropratic Live 3/19/14
View Item L5 Deck Party under the Summer Sky $350.00 Ladies' Luncheon, Ridott Corners Tavern Live 4/2/14
View Item L6 A Day of Ease with Wine and Cheese $370.00 Security First Title co, Studio 218 Live 3/20/14
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