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8.31.12 . Watch for Matt Hintz, Aquin 2001, on the lift taking the video.

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6.3.12 . Be ready to be AMAZED. The ABC News story featuring Dan Curry (class of 83) aired on Friday night. Unfortunately, ABC contacted Dan only 15 minutes before it aired, so you can't see it 'live', but you can still see it. The life-saving procedure is absolutely incredible. Way to go Dan!

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Dan Curry, class of 83
Thank you to Reinhardt Awender, class of '76, for sharing the news article linked below.  He thought this would be of interest to Aquin. Dan Curry, class of 1983, has performed the world's first brain operation to treat epilepsy with great success. 
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Arthur Hodapp is laid to rest

  1. Midwest Memoirs: Artie is finally coming home

    Arthur Leon Aloysius Hodapp went missing while fighting in the Korean War in 1951. His family never saw him again.
    He was 23 years old. After the war, his family learned that he died in a Korean prison camp, and his remains were still in enemy hands.  Just a few days ago though, his sister, Francis Meyers, found out that Arthur’s remains had been identified.
    After nearly 60 years, “Artie” is finally coming home.
    Sat Apr 16 23:00:35 CDT 2011
  2. Funeral to honor Korean War Veteran

    Private First Class Arthur Leon Aloysius Hodapp, who died in a North Korean prison camp in 1951, will be laid to rest on Wednesday, some 60 years after he died. The service will be held at St. Joesph’s Catholic Church in Freeport on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. with a full military burial to follow at St. Joseph's Cemetery.

    Sat May 21 23:16:07 CDT 2011

  3. OBITUARY: Arthur Hodapp

    Arthur Leon Aloysius Hodapp, 22, of Freeport died on July 3, 1951, in a Prisoner of War camp in North Korea.
    He was born on Aug. 31, 1928, at St. Francis Hospital in Freeport, a son of Charles F. and Florence (Dilly) Hodapp.

    Sat May 21 22:23:18 CDT 2011

  4. OBITUARY: Arthur L.A. Hodapp

    Arthur Leon Aloysius Hodapp, 22, of Freeport died on July 3, 1951, in a Prisoner of War camp in North Korea.

    Fri May 13 00:35:33 CDT 2011

Several Aquin alumni attended the historic 'Illinois v. NIU' football game played at Wrigley Field on November 20, 2010.  From left to right:  Jamey Schoenhard (2000), Barry Whalen (1998), Bryson Whalen (2005), Chris Rosebrook (2000), John Polhill (1996), Brian Janecek (2000), BJ Whalen (1999) and Dan Polhill (2006). 

On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Dr. Matthew Taylor, Aquin Class of 1976, offered two sessions from his Rehabiliation Clinic.  Links to his presentation slides, class for changing your body/changing your mind and a 15-minute guided meditation regarding fear and passion follow. 

Aquin Slide Presentation . Aquin Podcast
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Transform your body, change your mind
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15-minute guided Meditation regarding fear and passion
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