Guardian of the Shield

Protecting the Future

A shield provides protection to the one who bears it. We strive to provide Aquin students with a shield of Responsibility, Respect, Faith, Leadership, Service, Knowledge and Character.  But we can’t do it alone. We need the support--both spiritually and financially--of our parents, our alumni and our community. 

In this vein, we ask you to support us in our 3rd year of our ‘Guardian of the Shield’ program.
As a supporter you will help protect the future of our students and our school system--and your rewards will be great as our 54 guardians experienced last year (an increase of 12 guardians from our inaugural year).  The ‘spirit of the Bulldogs’ returned to many former Aquin parents as they once again attended games and cheered on a new generation of DAWGS on the courts and fields.  New friendships were made between young and old supporters at the social events held for the guardians.  
And, we netted just over $42,000--nearly a 40% increase from last year!  

Our goal for the 2016-17 school year remains at $70,000 and 100 guardians. With your support and the hard work and dedication of our families, staff, faculty and friends, we will reach our goal and keep the shield alive.

Congratulations to our 1st-Ever . . . Guardian VIP Parking Winners!
The winners drawn at Friday Night Football on September 2 were . . . Joe & Diane Vaske of M45 Marketing!
The Vaskes may now park in their specially designated parking spot--right by the admissions gate at all Aquin Senior High Athletic Events.  

Interested in being a Guardian of the Shield for 2016-2017?  

Email and a form will be sent to you.  If you want to make your payment online now, just complete the information below.  Or, wait and send your payment with your completed form, or make 7 monthly payments October through April.

Benefits of 2016-17 Guardian Sponsorship
  • free admission to Aquin home games (plus free popcorn!) & theater shows
  • free admission to the Guardian events:      
    • August 19 . Friday Night Lights      
    • December . Christmas Basket      
    • March 17 . Lucky Lotto Gift
    • April 29 . Appreciation Dinner
  • knowledge that you’re supporting future generations of Puppies to Bulldogs! 

Guardian of the Shield

Thank you to our
2016-2017 Guardians!

1.  Tim & Mida Smith
2.  Pat & Jan Sanders
3.  Jay & Sheila Cummins
4.  Rosemary Harnish
5.  Walker Mortuary
6.  Brian & Coral Lamm
7.  George & Nicole Lester
8.  Dan Moeller
9.  Gloria Moeller
10.  Andrew & Tracey Gustafson
11.  Greg & Elisha Yount
12.  M45 Marketing
13.  Todd & Allison Slama
14.  Carole Richter
15.  Eric & Stephanie Diehl
16.  JR Schaffner & Steve Fritz
17.  State Bank
18.  Furst-McNess Company #1
19.  Furst-McNess Company #2
20.  Steve & Pam Holder
21.  Barkau Automotive
22.  Chiro-Works/Paul & Tara Theisen
23.  Chuck & Fran Cremer
24.  Greg & Stacy Furlong
25.  Adam & Jen Holder
26.  Ken & Mary Traum
27.  Culver's/Sandy Wagner
28.  Terry & Kathy Miller
29.  Adam & Andrea Ege
30.  Kevin & Kristi Neubauer
31.  Senneff Appliance Service
32.  Mark & Julie Fryer
33.  Tony & Sandy Meyers
34.  Tony & Alicia DeMichele
35.  Mark & Sandy Rapp
36.  Dave & Sue Murray
37.  Keith & Diane Martin
38.  Bill & Ginny Kussner
39.  Thomas Opolony
40.  Pete & Jennifer Van Horn
41.  Rich & Joanne Chang
42.  Jim & Kathy Berberet
43.  Mark & Julianne Fryer (#2)
44.  Jim & Christine Manson
45.  Jim and Lynda Jenkins
46.  Jesse & Alise Arndt