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Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders

Servant Leadership is a Highland Community College Leadership program for youth who like to serve others.  Members are selected for the two-year program in the Spring of their sophomore year.  They attend monthly leadership programs at Highland in their Junior and Senior years.  They also have monthly “team” meetings at Aquin.  They are expected to complete 4 hours of individual service work per month as well as to work with their team to develop a regional project and a large service project.   Each year they are required to complete a portfolio. 

Specifically they have sponsored 3-point-shot contests, hosted the Crosstown Classic, educated others on recycling, aids epidemic in Africa,  cancer and disabilities.  They have also collected coats, hats, mittens, scarfs, baby items, etc. for different not-for-profit agencies in the Highland Community College area.


'Hearts and Hands for HungerHaiti Project

In 2010, an Earthquake hit Haiti - 30,000 people were killed; 30,000 people were injured and over 1 million people became homeless. Before the Earthquake, relief effort was already on the ground, feeding starving children by an organization called KIDS AROUND THE WORLD.

We partnered with them in 2010 to help feed starving children. For 25 cents, a child can be fed. The first part of the process is raising the 25 cents per meal. The second part is coming together and packaging the meals. To date, we've been able to feed over 127,000 children. 

We need your help. The children need your help. Our goal is 40,000 meals. 15 area Servant Leadership Teams are in their communities attempting to reach this goal as well.

Here are all the school goals:

Aquin:  Feed 4050 children = $1012.50
Dakota:  Feed 3,448 children = $862.00
Eastland:  Feed 5,000 children = $1250.00
Forreston: Feed 1800 children = $450.00
Freeport:  Feed 4,000 children = $1000.00
Galena:  Feed 2,400 children = $600.00
Lena Winslow:  Feed 4250 children = $1062.50
Orangeville:  Feed 1500 children = $375.00
Oregon: Feed 1200 children = $300.00
Pearl City:  Feed 2250 children = $562.50
River Ridge:  Feed 2000 children = $500.00
Scales Mound:  Feed 2000 children = $500.00
Stockton:  Feed 4000 children = $1000.00
Warren:  Feed 2000 children = $500.00
West Carroll: Feed 3200 children = $800.00
Kristy Reinke: (servant leader - Byron) Feed 2000 children = $500.00

Kim Pool (servant leader coordinator) and student assistants:  Feed 4000 children = $1000.00

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