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As a youth service  group we are part of Rotary International.  Our purpose is to help wherever we see a need.  Specifically we host an ice cream social, sponsor a food drive, make Thanksgiving baskets for the needy, sponsor a toy drive, sell candy grams, present a fashion show at Liberty Village, etc.


Empty Shelves = Empty Bellies
Aquin’s Interact Club started their annual canned food drive on November 1.  Dean Wright of FACC (Freeport Area Church Cooperative) spoke to all Jr-Sr High students following the All-School Mass.  Dean thanked Aquin for all of the support we have given over the years and stressed the critical need this year.  He left us with these main points:

  • The food collected in the month of November by Aquin supplies FACC from the end of November through Mother’s Day.  
  • The food collected last week by the Freeport Police Department in all of Freeport’s Elementary schools lasts about 1 month.
  • There has been a large increase in people needing the support of FACC and its Food Pantry over the past few years.  
  • This year, the shelves are starting much emptier than he can remember, so the need for this drive is greater than ever--and immediate.

The Interact Student Officers made some changes to the ‘class competition’ portion of the drive:

  • Classes in grades 7-12 competed to see who can bring in the most ‘pounds’ of food, not ‘number’ of items
  • The goal for each class was to collect 2000 pounds per class which equates to 12,000 pounds as the goal for the school.
  • Weekly incentives were established to encourage students to bring in donations throughout the competition and get food on the shelves of FACC earlier.  These incentive dates are posted on the web calendar, Facebook page and included in morning and afternoon announcements.
  • The first Incentive Day was Friday, November 15. Each class that turned in 500 pounds of food before Friday received a Jean Day.  Following Incentive Days were:    
    • Friday, November 15--1000 pound goal per class to receive 2 Jean Days
    • Friday, November 22--1500 pound goal per class to receive 3 Jean Days and 2000 pound goal per class to receive an afternoon movie or bowling.
    • The ‘grand prize’ will be awarded to the class who brings in the most pounds of food by November 22.  The ‘prize’ is an ‘In-School Snow Day’ for the entire class!
    • The ‘2nd prize’ will be awarded to the class who brings in the 2nd most pounds of food by November 22.  The ‘prize’ is an ice cream party for the entire class!

Some other items to note:

  • Once again Logan's supported Aquin's Canned Food Drive.  Logan's donated $1 from each fish dinner purchased on Friday nights to the Canned Food Drive.  Patrons had to mention the Aquin Canned Food Drive.  Many headed to Logan's and help the hungry on 3 Fridays--November 8, 15 and 22--thank you Logan’s!
  • As Aquin presented ‘The 39 Steps’ in the Auditiorium (November 15-16 performances), we did not collect canned food donations in the Auditorium.  Instead, cans were collected and weighed in the back of the Aquin High School Cafeteria.
  • Large donations (such as the approximately 700 can donation brought in by a very generous friend of the Sheehan’s yesterday), please let us know and we will direct you to the back lot cafeteria doors.  We will have students waiting to help you unload.
  • If students go door-to-door to ask for donations, they are not to put fliers in mailboxes.  Also, fliers must be approved by an Aquin staff member.  All fliers must contain a date when students will be back for pick-up and a contact name and phone number if the recipient has questions, or misses the pick-up time.
  • If someone wants to make a cash donation rather than a ‘canned’ donation, please have them make the checks payable to ‘FACC’--not Aquin.

Students went door to door, collected loose change at lunch and at home (in couches, laundry room, under rugs) and bought items, cleaned out their pantries.  All donations are greatly appreciated by those in need in the Freeport area.  

We appreciate your support of this drive in the past and know that it is only possible with your support.  Thank you in again for your continued support this year!