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Done Always With God's Spirit

In the Spring of 2013, Sister Terri began 'Greendawg Market' with produce sales from the Aquin gardens at the Saturday Farmer's Market at CVS.  This venture begins its third year in 2015.

  • Saturday Farmer's Market sales in Logan's Parking Lot . June 10-September 12
  • CSG . Community Supported Garden
  • Aquin Student Internships

Saturday June 13 through Saturday, September 12, Greendawg Market will be open for business. Sister Terri and crew will be selling produce at the Saturday Farmers' Markets in Logan's Parking Lot at 1805 South West Avenue in Freeport.  Our CSG partners will pick up their shares on Wednesdays from June 10-August 1, and on Saturdays from August 3-September 12.

Have questions?  Contact Sister Terri at or call 815-990-9485.

Aquin Schools . 1419 South Galena . Freeport, IL  61032

Based on the 'Community Supported Agriculture' model, Aquin is offering 'shares' in the 'Greendawg Market' gardens in 2015. When partners purchased a share, they:

  • support the gardens' expenses
  • support Aquin's tuition assistance program
  • get a weekly 'share' of the gardens' harvests

Garden Shares for 2015:

  • $100 for a 'full-share' for the 2015 harvest season 
    • (1 'share' of the harvest every week)
  • $50 for a 'half-share' for the 2015 harvest season 
    • (1 'share' of the harvest every 2 weeks)  
  • After covering expenses of the gardens, remaining funds will go‚Äč to Aquin's Guardian Angel fund and provide tuition assistance. In 2014-15, Greendawg Market provided $2280 to tuition assistance.

Shareholder Harvests 2015:

  • June 10-August 1: pick up your 'share' of the harvest on Wednesdays at Aquin
  • August 3-September 12:  pick up your 'share' of the harvest at Saturday Markets at Logan's